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Resolving to seek beauty in all things and to inspire our spirits to unify by adding depth + interest to everyday lives.

At Joli Mélange Co. we encourage exploring culture, seeking truth, and peeling back the layers to uncover history. We strive to embolden our clients to do what makes them happy by finding the heart of their home.


Buying, Selling, Designing & Decorating

We blend our boundless resources locally + globally by curating a map for each individual project and client. We value the importance of collaboration and igniting the flame to keep growing. Joli Mélange Co. prioritizes each project through the fiduciary duties of each client through our intentional & systematic mapping process.

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We emphasize the pinnacle of design while exuding practicality, functionality, & clarity.

Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate?

We understand all the parts of a house, not just what you see on the surface.  Let us be your agent and help you find the home that is just right for you!

Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate?

We work off a commission base payment in collaboration with our brokerage at Latter & Blum and the buyer’s agent. Want more specific information on the commission base? Contact us!

Need a Vacation Rental

Need a Vacation Rental?

Check out our current rentals, booking information + available dates. We’d love to host you!


Shop our Sundries

Check out our Sundries shopping tab for curated unique & vintage finds, locally + globally!

Design Consultation

Interested in a design consultation for your home or next project?